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Keep at it, says Asif Upadhye

December 24, 2010

Keep at it, says Asif Upadhye

He’s an entrepreneur, who doesn’t believe in giving up or “growing up”. Asif Upadhye, who graduated from the Batch 07 of Start Your Business Program, is today, successfully, steering his own start-up Never Grow Up to new heights. Prior to the course, he has had experience in Marketing and Product Management for over seven years.

He says, “One of the most valuable sessions for me at SYB was the first one on ‘Discovering your Passion’.” This session, undoubtedly, gave him the necessary impetus to pursue his own dreams and take the leap.

His venture called Never Grow Up is a unique concept that works on the fundamental principle, that everyone has a child in them and hence it’s important to view life and work in a fun way. Never Grow Up is a Fun @ Work and Employee Engagement company that is into fun talent-building workshops for those perpetually busy in 9-5, 6-day week schedules and are unable to make time to pursue their dreams. Interesting subjects like photography, archery, recycled art, theatre, bartending, creative writing and finance (amongst others) are tackled in these workshops. Never Grow Up strongly believes that Work can be Fun and that by taking action and making fun a priority in the work place, organizations can excel in areas where challenges and problems have been the norm. They do this by introducing and teaching interesting games and learning concepts through innovative methods for corporate/s at large. These workshops and activities build trust, enhance team-building and motivation and help employees maintain work-life balance. Another unique feature of this enterprise is that it facilitates the designing of the workspace of any individual, since that is where every person spends a majority of his time during the day. In addition to this, Never Grow Up resells wacky and funky merchandise, from some of the most popular brands across the country.

And if this is not innovative enough, Never Grow Up also invites new designers and novel ideas from creative minds and pays them for it. As a CSR activity, Never Grow Up is associated with Smile, an NGO to better children’s education. Here, Asif and his team invite people to contribute to a very noble cause and also make a small contribution themselves each time they receive something. They have a fun and lively site with a casual tone, but are all set to revolutionize work life by making it fun.  The concept of Never Grow Up has already been well-received by critics and clients alike.

On his entrepreneurial journey, Asif says, “It’s difficult to explain, but being a start-up is a process of going slowly from one step to another.” He also emphasizes that all entrepreneurs need loads of patience. There will be tricky and low downs that all start-ups have to go through and should stick out. And thus, his singular advice to all entrepreneurs is, “Keep at it and be persistent. Even in the most trying times, don’t give up and of course never grow up!”


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  1. Pallavi permalink
    December 28, 2010 4:24 pm

    Super article! Truly inspirational. That’s some advice all of us could use (not necessarily entrepreneurs) – find your passion & be persistent. All the very best for the future!

    May you grow wiser but not older 🙂

  2. Simeen K permalink
    December 31, 2010 4:15 am

    Having attended a owrkshop with NGU, I would say Asif’s work is really commendable… Keep up the good work and just follow your heart… success will follow you!!!!

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